What Sets Danielle Apart

Mental and Spiritual Health Converge

As a tarot practitioner, Danielle understands the importance of spiritual well-being and the utility of messages that come from divination. However, Danielle also holds a doctoral degree in psychology and uses her background as a mental health professional to marry the two: the mind with the divine. Danielle strongly believes that tarot is of use to those who are agnostic, atheistic, or skeptical of all things spiritual, because tarot is also a para-psychological projective tool. Whether you come to this space as a believer or not, you are sure to leave with practical, real-world skills, to begin applying the advice of the cards to your life.

DISCLAIMER: While Danielle is a mental health professional, her tarot services are in no way provided through a clinical model and are not psychological advice. If you are in need of mental health services, please search for licensed clinicians in your area through online directories such as Therapy Den or Psychology Today.